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Because of Taikuun, I was able to cut down the time it takes to find and source new and upcoming fabrics, as well as significantly reduce our costs due to excellent sourcing of third party logistics services.

Myles Chua

Brand Manager @ SO-EN Garments

Sourcing materials is incredibly time consuming especially for lean organisations. Taikuun speeds up the supply chain process and saves me several hours in finding the best quotations for my business needs. The team is great to work with as well!

Christine Tiu

Managing Partner @ Amami and
Former General Manager @ Happy Lemon Group

We really did get 3 quality leads in 3 days for my family business. Taikuun is fast, professional, and saves me so much time. My team is now focused on delivering quotations rather than sourcing for new business. We plan to use Taikuun for a long time!

Jefferson Tan

2nd Generation Business Owner
@ CNT Worldwide Transport

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Why work with Taikuun?

We are software engineers, product designers, data scientists and product managers who care deeply about empowering 2 sides of a marketplace: (1) struggling B2B Business owners who want to make the transition to B2B Online Sales and (2) emerging entrepreneurs in the Philippines and SEA who need to be able to source for domestic suppliers and service providers in a few clicks of a button.

We're building B2B Software for the next generation of Tycoons in Southeast Asia by empowering them with a Domestic Marketplace and the subsequent AI powered collaboration tools nuanced for their industry and category. We believe in small medium entrepreneurs and businesses and will scale our technologies and product offerings as your business and personal growth scales as well.


Jig Young

Chief Executive Officer

Product Manager for Marketplace Growth  @ YC Startup
PM for Indonesia Expansion @ YC Startup
PM for Seach Engine Optimization & Referrals @ YC Startup

Casper Chan

Chief Operations Officer / Chief Technology Officer

Senior Product Manager @ YC Startup
Data Scientist @ YC Startup
University of PH Computer Science Summa Cum Laude 2015

Sean Yu

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer @ #1 Rewards Startup in PH
Former CTO @ Dropshipping E-commerce Startup

Ria Arante

Senior Product Designer

Product Manager for Jobseekers @ YC Startup
Product Designer @ YC Startup

Kenley Tan

Senior Data Scientist

Lead Data Scientist at leading FinTech Startup
Top 1% of Kaggle Data Scientists during Undergrad

Luis Gan

VP Business Development

Former Procter & Gamble Sales and Key Account Manager
University of PH Business Admin Magna Cum Laude 2017

Alec Wang

VP Business Development

Former Procter & Gamble Sales and Key Account Manager
University of PH Business Admin Magna Cum Laude 2017