How to get an Import License in the Philippines

Why your company should apply for an Import License today.

Luis Gan, VP Business Development


October 26, 2018

My name is Luis, VP for Business Development for Taikuun and serial entrepreneur. I started my first business selling dish-washing soap to restaurants in high school, and currently operate four separate online and distribution businesses that source goods and materials from China. I learned to search for products, negotiate with suppliers, and find the best logistics partners over the years. This is my chance to share my knowledge and experience with you, as well as how Taikuun can help your business.

For those planning to start businesses or are considering sourcing ingredients or parts from China, here’s a quick rundown of necessary steps to take in order to successfully start a business importing goods from China to the Philippines.

Any successful business begins with a great product. Think of products that are riding on upcoming trends, latest technologies, or emerging market opportunities. It's always good to reflect on products or categories that you are quite familiar with, giving you a distinct advantage in knowledge and decision-making for your business.

Stay away from products with a lot of competition to avoid price wars and to keep your margins healthy. Do your research, talk to people, and define your market.

Here’s how you can apply for an import license today.
First, assign an individual who will serve as the applicant or point person for the import license. This could be the company president, principal, officer in charge, or any personnel authorized as a signatory for import entries.

Then you will need to fill up these documents that apply to the applicant.

  • Original copy of NBI Clearance of Applicant issued within 3 months prior to date of application. This document takes the most time, so it is suggested to be the first to procure.
  • Personal Profile of Applicant with 2x2 picture, duly signed (download here)
  • Clear copy of two valid government issued IDs (with picture) of applicant
Next, you will need to fill up these documents for the application at the Bureau of Customs

  • New Importer Application Form - Notarized and completely filled up (download here)
  • Bureau of Customs Official Receipt (BCOR) Php 1,000 Evidencing payment of application fee (green copy)
  • Corporate Secretary Certificate or Special Power of Attorney for designated signatories with sample original signatures in import entries Affidavit (for Sole Proprietorship) for designated signatories in the Import entries Partnership Resolution for Designated Signatories (for Partnerships)(This document is to authorize individuals to be signatories for all import entries.)

Note: For the following requirements, an individual must be appointed as the applicant for the import license. Applicants typically are the company president, principal, secretary, officers, or any authorized employee.

The following items are general business documents that are easier to secure

  • BIR Registration Form 2303
  • Valid Mayor’s Permit (Certified True Copy)
  • Company Profile with Pictures of office/warehouse premises, and photos of proper signage
  • Proof of Lawful Occupancy can be in the form of lease contracts, proof of billing for utilities
  • Latest General Information Sheet (GIS) (for Corporation)  / DTI Information Sheet (for Sole Proprietorship) / Articles of Partnership (for Partnership)  / Cooperative Development Authority (for Cooperative.)
  • Printed copy of Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) profile and updated email notification of “STORED” CPRS Profile
  • License / Permit / Accreditation from concerned agency, when applicable
    i.e., food (FDA), drugs (BFAD), meat (NMIS), rice(NFA) and sugar (SRA), etc.
  • For Sole Proprietorship: ITR of Owner (for new business application and ITR of business (for renewal of permit)

To simplify the application process, business owners may solicit the help of freight forwarding companies or licensed customs brokers. Instead of going through the entire process yourself, these companies or individuals have the experience to quickly secure an import license for their clients in the least amount of time.
Through Taikuun, you can instantly connect with hundreds of customs brokers and freight forwarding companies. They can help by answering any questions, reducing the back and forth in terms of requirements, and taking care of submission and processing for you.

A freight forwarder would also know how to process specific goods that may require additional licenses with concerned agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), et cetera.
Visit link) to connect with freight forwarders and customs brokers to help you get started with the new importer application process.

For more information, you may contact the BOC AMO here:

Contact Details
Accounts Management Office (AMO)
Bureau of Customs
2nd Flr, Port of Manila Building, South Harbor, Gate 3, Port Area, Manila
Tel No. 527 8402
Globe: 09452112427
Smart: 09216792174


Luis Gan

Taikuun VP for Business Development

Former Procter & Gamble Sales and Key Account Manager
University of PH Business Admin Magna Cum Laude 2017

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